The Screen Plug

When You Want That Real… Go To The Source!


Here’s a lot of questions I get asked…

*Why don’t you review more movies right when they come out?

Well Tony, I have a full time job, I’m a student, a husband, and a father! Time and funds are in short supply.  So until that sweet sweet ad revenue comes in, you’ll get it when I get to it… if I feel like it…

*Your rating systems don’t really make sense…

Thanks Natasha, but that’s not a question… I give you a 0/12.

*How often will you post?

Well Bruce, Box Office Battles will be every Friday. Everything else doesn’t have a set schedule yet… but stay tuned.

*What’s your favorite movie?

That’s easy, Harley… The Matrix / The Shawshank Redemption

*What kind of critic are you?

Clark, I’m not a critic. I’m an asshole, Barbara

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