In This Episode Will and MJ tell you everything you need to know about Black Panther (spoiler free), we breakdown all the latest Incredibles trailer, and find out why Sony is having the best and worst week ever. Also this week, find out more about Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman in our Black History Month Spotlight!

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Black Panther


Uncle Drew

Incredibles 2

Episode Rundown:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:03 – Shoutouts

00:01:24 – Where To Find The Show

00:02:21 – Word on the Street: Creed 2 Poster released

00:04:24 – Word on the Street: Sony Could have had more than Spider-Man for the low!

00:06:07 – Word on the Street: Jumanji still doing numbers!

00:07:53 – Word on the Street: LeBron’s House Party?

00:10:08 – Word on the Street: Black Panther Screen Attacks are a HOAX!

00:12:42 – Coming Attractions – Gringo Trailer Review

00:15:07 – Coming Attractions – Uncle Drew Trailer Review

00:18:30 – Coming Attractions – Incredibles 2 Trailer Review

00:21:49 – BHM Spotlight – Chadwick Boseman

00:24:56 – The Breakdown –Black Panther (SPOILER FREE)

00:41:22 – The Watchlist

00:45:44 – Dream Cast: The Black Panther Sequel Pitch

00:51:46 – Mail Bag

01:00:01 – Look Ahead and Sign Off

Host: Will Maye

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Host: MJ Lartey

T/IG: @MJ_the3rdpick

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