Now… keep in mind that I have 0 insider information and do NOT want the Marvel Cinematic Universe to fail whatsoever…

that being stated, I’m beginning to get a little concerned.

A while back I wrote a 3 part piece talking about ALL the BS going on in the DCEU and how they may seemingly never get their shit together long enough to have an overall beloved film.  Trends seem to be holding as they forgot to market Wonder Woman and are currently tracking to have the WORST opening weekend of any of their films.


Fine, Diana… Anyways, over at Marvel… everything is quite the opposite.  Their movies are universally loved and have the bank accounts to show for it.  They have set the bar so high that they are essentially printing their own money and only TRUELY being challenged by themselves.  My concern grows with exactly how high that bar may be.


I have made it no secret that I think Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. is the best and most important movie they have made in the MCU.  Not only did it have weight and stakes and payoff, but it may imply that Marvel has more access to characters (and therefore stories) then they are presently letting on :::cough Fantastic 4 in Phase 4 cough::: excuse me.  Yet and still… Guardians seemed to underwhelm many people.  It has seemingly been a very divisive film.


Now.. this is not a Batman v Superman sort of situation where people think its good in parts, or that its total garbage, or maybe even its just disrespectful to the source material.  Everyone seems to LIKE GotGV2… but not love it.   That lack of love seems to stem from the film being “just not what I expected”… but how can that be?

People want the Guardians to have a great soundtrack. Check.  People critique Marvel about wimping out and not having any gravity. Fixed.  Tired of all the Infinity stone non-sense and just want a stand alone film. DONE!  All the major critiques of the universe as a whole seemed to be course corrected in this film and yet people still walked away not feeling connected to it the way they were with the first.


I think we as a culture are hitting the limits on the “good Marvel film”.  By that I mean, superheros and there stories are now 5 different channels, 2 streaming services and between different companies, we get 4 a year, minimum.  In the middle of all that, Marvel has been king in both bank and critical acclaim.  The over saturation, however, is bringing greater scrutiny.  MARVEL you’ve been good for so long that “good” is no longer good enough.  People are demanding excellence to drip from the screen with every scene.  I’m not saying that the masses are wrong for wanting bang for their buck, but perhaps we’ve come to a wall…


You know how people were all bananas for the Harry Potter series, and regardless of how much the movies were loved, you still heard “but the book was better”.  I think Marvel quickly approaching that “book was better” road block.  While everyone has not read the comics that these stories have been based on, the principle remains the same.  Your own imagination could be creating worlds slightly different than that of the writer and director, and THAT difference, regardless of size will creative a rift.  With Harry Potter, you go back to the well to get your fix.  With causal comic book movie fans… they don’t NEED to go back… there’s DC and Hulu and Netflix and Fox etc etc etc.   If people get fed up enough, they wont need to return to Marvel films, because the juggernaut of their own creation (cinematic comic universes), is literally everywhere else for people to find satisfaction.


I do not know what the future holds for the MCU, but I know one things for certain… y’all best not mess up Blank Panther during Black History Month or else things might get real ugly, real quick!