So… did you guys take my advice and see The Wall last week?! No… well boo on you then…  This week is a little more interesting…


So… as we continue with the prequel series no one really asked for, Ridley Scott is bringing us his sequel to Prometheus.  This one looks really good… but so did Prometheus.  Hmm, I normally side with anything that has Fassbender… but then there was Assassin’s Creed.  Just really keeping fingers crossed with this one.  The franchise deserves better!

2. Everything, Everything

Okay… I love me some Amandala… sincerely… BUT, didn’t we JUST see this movie?  Wasn’t Asa Butterfield on stuck on Mars and came to Earth to see some girl he was skyping but it threatened his life?  Didn’t that movie sort of bomb?  I hope better for this, purely for Amadala sake, but yikes!

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

4… there have made 4 of these things?  Seriously… I guess right when Young Adult novel movies started to struggle Young YOUNG adult movies crept up in the place to be.


weird alien on human feeding frenzy… or corpse orgy… you be the judge

Im not SUPER excited about this… but I will definitely do over the competition.  Hopefully this is a real return to form for the franchise.  Especially since Ridley Scott basically said he’s going to keep on making Alien movies UNTIL HE DIES! -_-