So… Guardians is approaching a half BILLION worldwide already… so safe to say, the only choice I gave you was the right one…

This week… things are not as straight forward…


Look… I like Guy Ritchie and Jude Law as much as the next man.  The Robert Downey Jr led Sherlock Holmes movies that they worked on were right in my wheelhouse… THIS on the other hand… I don’t know.  I’m just not drawn to this new King Arthur tale… sorry.  Also… early reviews have been BRUTAL!


I dig minimalist movies where 1 or 2 actors have to carry the whole thing (Ex Machina, Saw [the first one and only the first one, seriously], Buried, etc).  They have a penchant for being amazing because of the extra work that has to go in.  That said Aaron Taylor-Johnson is a great choice to drive this vehicle.


Amy Schumer is funny, right?… RIGHT?!  Like… I think this will be an okay enough comedy… on Netflix… in a year… when I’m uber bored and miraculously caught up on everything else I need to watch.

Did I bury the lead enough on this one?!


NOT the GREAT wall… anything but that!

I first heard about this movie back when I started this blog.  I was instantly drawn to it, but never got around to sharing much about it.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson is becoming a chameleon in Hollywood, able to adapt to any role.  John Cena gets better and better with every part that he takes.  The tight story telling necessary to keep this movie interesting hopefully shines.

But thats just me… what do YOU plan on seeing this weekend? Comment below and let me know!