So… word on the street is that The Circle was a hot dumpster fire… so if you took my secondary recommendation to see it… your bad, because you should have just done what I told you to the letter!

But that was last week… this week it’s GUARDIANS!

I know… i normally give you some options… some interesting insight… build the slightest amount of tension… but seriously?! It’s Guardians Vol 2.  Name one other movie that you are even remotely interested in seeing more than this this weekend…. i’ll wait…

this is you…


this is me


Indeed… I actually bought my tickets to see the 2hr Baby Groot merchandising expo last night… IMAX 3D.  I’ll be sure and let you know if that extra coin is worth it on the next episode on the podcast.

What… are you still trying to pretend there is something else you want to see? SERIOUSLY… look… the franchise’s first outing was so strong, they singlehandedly brought back cassettes from the technology abyss…

Dont want one, but no one was trying to build one before Guardians…

J Cole is even releasing his next album to cassette! Oh, and what happens if you want to jam while you snack?!…


Yes, that is a fully functioning cassette player combined with a full bag of Doritos!  What the bejesus!  Don’t tell me this move isn’t going to be amazing when they can re-animate zombie technology and make it “better” (???( than before!  No questions… Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 –

guardian2poster copy
5/5 Marshawns – You Know Why I’m Here… OBVIOUSLY!