So… I failed…

About a month or so ago on the TSP FB Page, I went on a voluntary hiatus to get some things in gear to ramp up the content I bring you all.  I said I would keep the Twitter and Instagram pages going strong, but that I wouldn’t be writing in the blog.  One big hiccup… I forgot to say something… ON THE ACTUAL BLOG!


Yeah, well… my bad!  I’ve been really hard at work developing some new and exciting content, and as of  THIS posting, I am BACK in the game.  Wednesday, April 5th is the launch of the The Screen Plug Podcast.


That same day is also the launch of The Screen Plug YouTube channel!


Yes… weekly audio content.  Weekly video content. Weekly written content… all for you, TSP Nation!


And not to fear… in the meanwhile, I did see the likes of Get Out, Logan, etc… so expect a few (caught up) posts in the coming days as I still prepare you Box Office Battle (now coming at you on THURSDAY mornings for that extra day of planning).  Thanks for reading and I look to your continued support in the future!