And so it ends… how did the finale do?

1. We found out how Boyz II Men became a thing…

While some of us were impressed at the METHOD and how it mirrored New Edition’s approach (I.e. I was genuinely surprised that someone ran up on someone in a dark alley and did not get dealt with) some of us were discovering the idea that they this even happened at all…

Even the stars were star struck!

2. Mike Bivens went all Darth Vader on us. He was supposed to bring balance to the force but instead turned into the same sort of shady music industry asshat that gave a young New Edition a check for $1.87!

3. We found out the story of Bobby Brown’s famous Gumby haircut… turn out his barber completely fucked his head up so he decided his background dancers had to be fucked up too… but the world loved it.

Maybe Bobby Brown had the tiger blood and Adonis DNA long before Charlie Sheen, because he stayed turning his tests into his testimonies!

4. Staying with Bobby… a big thing people wanted to see (during the New Edition story) was Whitney Houston… BET said, nah.

Now, she was mentioned by name and an actress assuming her likeness did appear. They tastefully only shot her over her should or cropped her JUST out of frame, never really showing her face or giving her dialogue or anything. Probably for the best, keep the attention on the fellas and avoid pissing half of fandom off.

5. This Edison’s was very performance heavy… but one didn’t QUITE hit like the others…

6. And in closing… if this is how it went down, it’s beautiful and great, but it felt like some Hollywood revisionist history was happening toward the end when everyone apologized to everyone about their part in the demise of New Edition.


Very well done biopic. Especially considering I’m only judging it against other made for TV extravaganzas. The New Edition Story gets:

Swirling glass of approval!

But before we get out of here… your tweet of the night: