This a a short recap for those that missed the live twitter feed…

1. The children of New Edition have been some hoes since knee high

2. Faison Love had a wig even Donald Trump would be ashamed of… his hair looked more believable as Big Worm in Friday

3. Brooke Payne needs a bio pic!

4. At one point the group goes on tour as children… in the movie, they come back as the actors that will play them in their adult lives… it’s slightly disorienting because it makes it seem like they were the first group to even tour for a decade straight

5. New Edition had (seemingly) lots of group sex growing up… and I’m not okay with that

6. The iconic Candy Girl cover captured actual butt hurt faces… not poses

7. Without Ralph Tresvant’s blind loyalty, there would be no New Edition… then again if he had dumped his boys only to make $1.87, the karma would have been amazing

8 Speaking of… someone was disrespectful enough to print a check for $1.87… I mean, damn… it’s for 5 boys and you couldn’t at least make it a even $2?!

Overall? So far so good… it’s not The Jacksons: An American Dream good, but it’s way better than that time they got Flex Alexander to play Michael Jackson…


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