Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s make sure we start 2017 off right!

#1 – A Monster Calls

I honestly do not know what to say about this movie.  The entire time watching this trailer is went “this is based on a young adult book, isn’t it”?!  Yep… based on a book.  This has Harry Potter meets Where the Wild Things Are written all over it.  Strange though… Jyn Erso, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Ripley all in one movie… and its a child’s coming of age story.  Seem likes there’s a fan fiction here waiting for the badassery it deserves.

#2 – Hidden Figures

I’m not one for historical “based on a true story” dramas, but I can’t really poke holes in this.  Taraji, Octavia, and Janelle set to carry a film anchored by Costner with a score team of Pharell Williams and Hans Zimmer.. yeah, I can get into this!

#3 – Underworld: Blood Wars

Kate Beckinsale is BACK… yay?  Look.  If you love the Underworld… world… then this is probably something you have been patiently waiting on.  If you were surprised as I was this is actually the 5th movie in the franchise, not the 4th… there is little to sway you to watch this.


I am still riding the wave that is Rogue One.  I loved that, really enjoyed it, want to see more stuff I fee is a sure winner.  While A Monster Calls maybe be great, I don’t feel like I am the actual target audience.  Meanwhile, I am bloody sick of Underworld.  I’m over everything being tinged blue.  I’m over the uber dark strobe based fight scenes.  This franchise feels like someone watched the million Resident Evil movies and said, yeah… i can do that, but I bet I can make it look like crap too!  Sorry… Hidden Figures is not a by default winner… I just needed to rant.  Hidden Figures gives me a real Forrest Gump feel so far that it will be light when necessary and dramatic as balls when necessary.  Should be an overall treat in theaters.  If you see me at the cinema this weekend, you know why I’m there. Hidden Figures gets:

5/5 Marshawns

But that’s just me.  What do you want to see this weekend? Comment, like, share! Let the debate begin!