HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MOVIE FANS! Let’s see what Hollywood has in store for us…

#1 – SING

I will never lie to you folks.  I thought this movie was going to be crap.  I thought someone found a bunch of random talent that could also carry and tune and threw them into a loose plot based 90 min music video.  Maybe this trailer shows TOO much, but it finally got me.  It seems like a lot of the movie won’t even be for kids, but the brightly colored talking animals will distract them long enough to get from song to song.  I don’t think we are talking Zootopia levels of social commentary, but the story, while possibly still being  predictable, is very present.  Plus, I mean, look at the cast list!  This is a talented bunch that now has me on board.


So you put Mystique in space with Star-Lord in a Sci-Fi thriller mystery sort of thing.  Splash in some Morpheus at the very end… yeah, I’ll see this.  I think this trailer’s “There’s a reason we woke up early” is meant to completely screw you into thinking Chris Pratt is the antagonist (or at least a willing asshole in the downfall of this mission), but I’m no so convinced.  Should be a good time, special effects spectacle with two great actors carrying the load.


Look, I’ve already shared my thoughts on this movie here… but I will repeat for emphasis… MORTAL KOMBAT IS THE LOWLY BAR YOU HAVE TO JUMP.  I swear, Mortal Kombat continues to reign as the best comic book movie of all time because of that epic kick-ass theme song alone. Anyways, Fassbender will deliver, hopefully its a adaptation worthy of his time and our money!


denzel ko.jpg

In an M. Night Shyamalan level twist, Denzel Washington delivers the RKO to the weekend with the Christmas Day release of Fences!

It’s simple… if my child was a bit older, I may be seeing Sing.  If I was un-married, Assassin’s Creed wins.  If I want to see two dynamic actors carry a film, I am taking Denzel Washington and Viola Davis over Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence every time.  Washington and Davis are tackling the adaptation of August Wilson’s powerful, acclaimed stage play, Fences: the story   When this was first announce, I could not wait to see this come to life.  This film should be amazing! Fences gets:

fences ranked.jpg
5/5 Denzel Ortons

But that’s just me… what do you think?  What movie would you want to see this weekend?  Comment below!