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DC, to their credit have made changes.  They have hired Geoff Johns as their new Co-head of DC films.18-geoff-johns.w529.h352.jpg

Johns is currently the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics.  If anyone knows these characters and  can right this ship, it’s this man right here.  They are also pushing back the second Justice League movie in favor of a stand alone Affleck Batman film.  Another great move… allow us to get invested in these characters as individuals.  The early Wonder Woman stuff looks great.  That looks like they may have a definitive winner with the Gal Gadot lead project.


But it seems they have not totally learned their lesson.  They continue to look at the box office instead of the reviews and try to snap slap things together instead of making calculated moves.  This brings us to Gotham City Sirens!

Not only are the powers that be working on a Suicide Squad 2, but also a Deadshot spin-off, and now we have confirmation the Margot Robbie produced, Harley Quinn spin off will actually be a team up with Catwoman and Poison Ivy.


This just feels wrong on several levels.  I don’t know when they would plan on dropping this, but it feels, yet again, rushed.  You started a whole thing with Harley and Joker… can we get more development on that?  Also, it feels a bit pandering.  One major critique people have had of Marvel is the lack of #GirlPower in their leading roles.


Captain Marvel is slated to be Marvel’s first solo female lead film on 3/8/2019… the 21st in its universe if nothing else bumps it back again (:::cough Spider-Man cough:::).  Meanwhile, Gal Gadot will be leading the way in movie #4 for DC.  That’s what make the Gotham City Sirens feel like a reach.  It’s DC going “look how progressive we are! Much better than stupid Marvel.  We’ve got THREE women at once… wow”.  I can already see the tremendous roadblocks ahead.  Robbie wants to work with her Suicide Squad director, David Ayer.  That has already brought out the “why is a man leading a major female cast” group.  Next, and possibly the worst issue will be the big gay elephant in the room.


If you didn’t know… Harley and Ivy and sort of “involved” in the comics.  They are one of those “on again – off again” things.  It was played with and hinted at in different books over several issues, but its was finally confirmed canonized, and put to print with a kiss not so long ago.  Not sure who got their fetish to play out live, but I commend you for dreaming the dream.

If DC puts this in the film, the casual movie go-er will cry foul at the unnecessary over-sexualization on their relationship.  If DC chooses NOT to put it in, the fan-boys (especially of the LGBT community) will lose all faith in the project…  a real double damned situation!  If Catwoman and Poison Ivy are introduced in the stand alone Batman, I’ll feel a lot better, but you KNOW Joker has to have top billing.  So now Affleck would have to combine 3+ villains and the writers have to resolve the ladies’ arcs in such a way that they meet Harley, and are open to teaming up with her as anti-heroes.  At is a ton of character development that need to happen in very little time.

DC Writers room after Gotham City Sirens was announced…

Still… I am hopefully, ever so cautiously, that Geoff Johns will get this thing turned around.  Maybe my dread is be all for not, but only time will tell.