DC vs Marvel is a company battle that will go down in the petty history books.  If imitation if the purest form of flattery, whats to be said of damn near plagiarism?  From Marvel straight up copying DC villain Slade Wilson into Deadpool (aka WADE Wilson [they didn’t even try]) to Marvel’s ORIGINAL MALE Captain Marvel being a “better” version of Superman… until he started outselling Superman comics, at which point DC sued for copyright infringement, stopped the publication of the character, PURCHASED the character and all his rights, and changed his name to Shazam. #TrueStory


Suffice it to say, the two will forever be intermingled in thought.  This is why you can almost never speak on the DC movie universe without a direct comparison to Marvel Studios’ success.  The question remains… will DC ever get their shit together?


The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe is now 14 films deep (including Dr Strange) and already slated for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Black Panther stand alone, Captain Marvel (the new female one) stand alone, 3 Spider-Man(s), Ant-Man & The Wasp team up, Thor 3, and 2 more super ensemble cast films that may or (unfortunately) may not include characters being developed on both their ABC Network and Netflix platforms… whew!  That is a LOT of moving pieces, contracts, money, timing, etc that the man, the myth, the legend Kevin Feige has had to control and he has done so #LikeABoss!

“You’re Welcome” ~ Kevin Feige

It’s seem like once Marvel rolled the dice and decided that they wanted to make all of their films occur within the same universe, they sat down with the possibilities.  They took their time and mapped out every step.  It sounded ridiculous a few years back when they announced all the stuff they wanted to accomplish.  They were basically saying “we are going to release 2 superhero movies a year, with obscure or less popular titles, for the foreseeable… who want what”?  Here we are FOURTEEN movies in, bending reality as we know it and anxiously awaiting a sentient killer tree who’s best friend is a gun-toting raccoon.  You may not LOVE every film Marvel makes, but they have solidified their formula and seemingly cannot make a misstep if they tried… Then there’s DC…


The DC Universe had 1 HUGE ting going for it that Marvel did not: complete domain over their best properties.  Marvel hit some financial hardships and sold the rights to all of their biggest comic properties to stay afloat.  Iron Man would never have been their first choice to make a movie if they still had the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, or the X-Men.  DC had not such issue.  Add to that, Batman and Superman are arguably the 2 most loved comic characters EVER and they are both under the DC banner.  Because of that, the Justice League is arguably much more beloved than most iterations of The Avengers.  DC execs should be treating money like Scrooge McDuck!


Yet we keep getting these half-baked, problematic films that never feel like they truly hit the mark.  How is it possible?!  How can you KEEP screwing this up?! Well, lets start at the beginning.

Man of Steel (2013) – $668M Box Office55% Rotten Tomatoes


Remember when I said in another article that “Gritty Reboot” was the new wave.  Superman was swept up in that as we got a near 2 1/2 hour divisive as balls brood-fest.  As someone who actually enjoyed Zach Snyder’s take of Clark Kent, I more than understand the gripes about the film.  Pa Kent was all about Clark keeping his powers hidden, to the point of his own demise (stoic as it may have unrealistically been) in a twister.

“Naw… I’m good” – Johnathan Kent

Of course, the extensive collateral damage looked bad, especially when littered with gratuitous product placement shots.  The issue with the villains learning to master their powers so quickly.  And then there was… the neck snap heard around the world.


Superman is supposed to be all about the preservation of life and whatnot.  But many arguments were made that this is a NEW Superman that did not know how to take a fight to safe grounds and  did not know what else to do other than kill Zod.  Fine I bought all that, but while I did, MANY did not!  It left the fans divided.  Half loving it and half straight up hating it… but it made BANK!  While $668M on $225M production budget isn’t earth shattering, when all you see is the bottom line, you sleep well at night.  You take your check and assume, if you go bigger next time, you will definitely blow them away…

Boy were they wrong about that!