Before I say ANYTHING… I want you all to have the opportunity to experience something for yourselves.  Next year we will be treated to a gritty reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Power Rangers is roughly the tale of a floating ghost head that attempted to indefinitely incarcerate a space witch.  When she escapes, the ghost head uses his C3PO knock off unit to abduct some high school kids so he can give them super powers (and questionably racist colored costumes) to fight his battles for him… because you know… he’s just a head, or wateva.

The show premiered in the USA in 1993.  It STILL comes on (in some capacity) 24 YEARS later.  Countless seasons that spawned two feature films starting the cast of the first and second show cycles.  The first movie was significantly better than the second, but that’s neither here nor there right now.  The point is that they have faithfully followed a formula for over two decades… yet, we are getting… ::wait for it::: A GRITTY REBOOT!!!

“Gritty reboot” is a catchphrase that has forced a lot of unnecessary cinematic choices upon us… lets break it down.


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The original 1993 suits were shiny and did not look tactically practical.  When they made the original movie they kept MUCH of the original design, but opted for an armored suit look.  I think this was an excellent change for the time.  The 2017 suits are supposed to be something like an alien nanotech.  My only concern about new suits is how IRON MAN it looks.


I like the new suits, but I fear that the glowing chest panel is DIRECTLY aligned with the box office success of Iron Man.  It may seem small now, but I question how many other things may have been changed to emulate something successful instead of just focusing on making a great movie.


We don’t currently have REALLY good looks at the Zords, but we do have so subtle glimpses.

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While the Zords no longer seem to look like specific prehistoric earth beasts (which I guess would make sense given the emphasis on the alien nature of their origin) they are exactly in line with the suits and still carry the pop of color.  My issue comes to the MEGAZORD.  We don’t have a good in-movie shot of the 2017 version, so I will compare the toy versions.

What the entire hell is that on the right?  It looks like a rejected Gundam… or better yet, it look suspiciously like a Pacific Rim Jaeger.  Again, it FEELS like a departure for the sake of emulating something else that was successful. But if you are interested in a serious change…


Get ready for some bullshit…

W. T. F! That thing on the right is TERRIFYING!  Look, we get it! ALIENS!!! But please get this potbelly nightmare fuel out of here! Not a traditionalist.  Not a cry baby… but.. #NotMyAlpha



Elizabeth Bank’s Rita Repulsa is different.  I don’t mind a scantily clad Elizabeth Banks ever, but in the Power Rangers universe, it presents a MAJOR issue… ahead is purely speculation, but JUST IN CASE…


The Rangers all had a specific color of their costume and comically wore those same color in their day to day lives…. every. single. day!  Bank’s Repulsa being covered in green has opened much speculation that she, at some point, was the Green Ranger.  It is a BIG change to the lore that I would be interested in watching play out.  The issue is, this is such a departure from original, I see a lot of fans feeling alienated.  Also, add in my concerns about the style over substance with the other changes, if this in not executed well/clearly it could be a big “twist” that falls flat.  This could be a make or break  point for the film.


FACTS – I don’t want this movie to fail.  I want it to be as good as the trailer is promising.  I just have a HOST of concerns at this point. Elizabeth Banks is awesome.  Bryan Cranston playing Zordon brings some gravitas to the whole project.  Maybe I am ultimately too pessimistic, but I just want everyone to go into this project with truly open eyes.  This is NOT “our” Power Rangers.  I’m still willing to give it a chance, but with about 3 months to go, I’m not currently sold!