Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and introducing BABY GROOT: Director James Gunn brings The Guardians of the Galaxy back to the big screen – take a look!

The MCU equivalent of Star Wars looks like it will not disappoint in the second outing… lets break it on down:

1 LOVE: Baby Groot


Just… obnoxiously cute!  The repertoire between Baby Groot and Rocket is going to be the stuff of Legend.  Mark  my words… once all this Thanos Infinity War junk is out of the way… Rocket & Groot: The Movie!



Look, I know what I JUST said, but here’s the other side of the coin.  This thing is going to be EVERYWHERE!  Remember Minions?  Remember how they were cute and innocent enough?  Remember when someone decided to whore the minions out into oblivion, to the point of them getting there own movie and it doing terrible and yet they persist to be a thing?!  I know I said I think a Groot/Rocket movie is on the horizon, I  just hope it is handled with care and not a 90min cash grab.

1 SURPRISE: Badass Baby Groot


I was a little afraid that Baby Groot’s stature was going to affect his bad-assery… NOPE! This angry little piece of nightmare fuel straight up murders someone… IN THE TRAILER! #SizeDoesntMatter


Everything we loved about Guardians 1 is back.  Actors, director, witty banter, action, comedy… but this one has… *wait for it*… BABY GROOT!  Disney is going to sell all of the toys and plush dolls and make all of the money.  Guardians Vol 2 grade?


Thumbs Up… and a Happy Dance!