The wait may be over ladies and gentlemen… Michael Fassbender may be staring in the first, UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED, ACTUALLY GOOD movie adapted from a video game… at least, the trailer makes it look that way:

Look… it’s only REAL competition for “Greatest Video Game Movie Ever” is the original Mortal Kombat… a low bar indeed.



Look, I love Kanye as much as the next guy, but his music does NOT belong over this cityscape.  I forget what the music in the second trailer was, but that was horribly out of place too.  It took them THREE TRIES to actually get a traditional score. Combine that with an intro that explains the movie and doesn’t assume you’ve played all the games and know what the hell is going on and this is a legitimate movie trailer all of a sudden.

1 HATE: Pieces of Eden


I hate these things in the games.  I will continue that hatred here!  Not much more than that… just being a consistent human being… hopefully they make a bit more sense in the movie to me than in the game.

1 SURPRISE: Prominent Jeremy Irons


I mean, I’n not so surprised they highly feature ACADEMY AWARD WINNER JEREMY IRONS in their trailer to get butts in the seats… I’m surprised it took them THREE TRIES to do such a thing.  *sigh* Hopefully it’s not too late to recover any of the people that saw the first two trailers and assumed disinterest.


Again… Mortal Kombat… all you have to do to be a success is be better than Mortal Kombat… a movie that had less plot than the game that it was based on.  Do this and be kings of the box office! Grade?

Rambo Approved!