So, the internet is being taken by storm and the culprit is Spider-Man.  Tom Holland dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live with the surprise first look at Sony owned, Marvel produced, reboot to the reboot… AND ITS GREAT! Take a look for yourself below!

Look as I will quickly do with every trailer (because they make like 17 per movie now…) I’m giving you 1 Love, 1 Hate, 1 Surprise and Overall Grade of Thumbs up or Down:

1 LOVE: Closing Shot


THIS is how you punctuate a trailer.  I mean, once you see RDJ in the trailer to begin with, you get the feeling that he will suit up and do some Iron Man training stuff… but this shot does not look like training.  This looks like the kid gloves have come off and its time to go kick some ass up and down NYC… and I’m here for all of it!

1 HATE: Civil War Footage


To say I hate this is a bit of a stretch, but I set my own rules and needed to pick SOMETHING! Peter Parker is busted in class for not paying attention, reason being, he’s too busy watching himself be awesome.  My problem?… who the hell recorded this footage?!  If you want to convince me that some regular human being stayed behind and watched the supermen battle it out… eh, you might be right.  People are more likely to record their own car explode on Snapchat then actually call 911 first sooooo…

1 SURPRISE: Villain Childish Gambino


I mean, if you didn’t notice Donald Glover in this trailer, no one will blame you.  It was kind of a pain in the ass to pause this perfectly for this screen grab.  But there he is… probably being a villain.  I say that because the gentleman next to him appear to be firing some sort of laser cannon and be generally up to no good, and DG is just looking like… “yea, thats wassup”.


Look, if you needed convincing at this point that Marvel Studios was going to make a good Spider-Man movie after hitting homeruns with Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, you need your head examined.  Spidey looks great.  Iron Man is a mentor: great! Michael Keaton’s Vulture: great! Grade?

Keaton Batman Approved!